Google seems to be working on Play Store Loyalty Program
Google seems to be working on Play Store Loyalty Program

Ever thought it May Be cool to Make points whenever you Buy something on Google Play, Ultimately causing the possibility of free movie rentals, Google Play charge, or something along those lines? In accordance with APK grinding accomplished by 9to5Google, Google is working on precisely this and are calling it Play Points.

According to what we know thanks to some current APK deconstruction, Perform Factors is a loyalty program for people who purchase programs, videos, books, and everything else on Google Play. Just for instance, let us say you create a $1 buy on Google Play, that could end up in 1 Play Point earned. As soon as you’ve gathered enough Play Points, you can swap them for Google Play charge that may be used on future purchases throughout the service.

Interestingly, Play Points are not only for Google Play charge exchange. In a ribbon in the found code it states,”Earn points on whatever you purchase. Use points for specific in-app things or Google Play credit” From that we can presume programmers are going to have the ability to give special in-app content according to Play Points or something comparable.

From what has been seen up to Now, at least to the Japanese variant of Google Play, every ¥100 spent will equate to 1 Play Point. When converted into USD, that is a bit under a buck. Safe to assume $1 invested can get you 1 Play Point? Possibly.

Additionally, it is reported that there are amounts inside of the program, Which will give users exceptional advantages. We are not yet certain what these advantages are, but that does not need a sweet badge to cooperate with all the money that they spend on programs and items?

We have not heard any official word in Google for Play Points, But contemplating this all seems to be concealed inside of Google Play, it Seems probable that we will hear something marginally soon.

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