Most of what we know about the evolution of life on earth comes via the study of fossils. The Earth is billions of years old – and there has been a countless number of species which have existed here in all these years. This means that there are billions of fossils lying around, many of them still undiscovered! A 90 Million-year-old fish fossil was recently found in Colombia.

This fossil is quite an interesting discovery as scientists have discovered that there are no modern species of which belong to this family. The fossil is of the Candelarhynchus padillai species and is quite an interesting find! Interestingly, this fossil was not found by a team of scientists or archaeologists who had gone fossil hunting, but by a 10-year-old Colombian boy!

The boy spotted a fish like structure in a flagstone while he was on a tour of Monastery of La Candelaria. He clicked a photograph which found its way to the department of palaeontology, Colombia’s Centro de Investigaciones Paleontologicas. Researchers from around the world have shown interest in this and researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada have joined in as well.

When the photo was sent to the department, the team of scientists made their way to the Monastery, where they found the perfectly preserved fossil of a 90 Million-year-old fish! This was the first time this species of ‘Lizard Fish’ was found in South America. The fossil belongs to the Cretacious period. What makes it even more surprising is that this was a deepwater fish.

“It is rare to find such a complete fossil of a fish from this moment in the Cretaceous period. Deepwater fish are difficult to recover, as well as those from environments with fast-flowing waters,” said Oksana Vernygora from the University of Alberta. “But what surprises me the most is that, after two years of being on a walkway, it was still intact. It is amazing.”


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