About Us

The Geek Herald has its origins in a small column on a couple of known publications. The column evolved into a full page and eventually, we’ve managed to become a publication in a matter of months.

The Geek Herald is a news publication as well as a dedicated Tech information network with thousands of members all striving towards bringing new and innovative projects to the Technology scene. As a news publication, we are serious about journalism in the Technology space and as an information network, we thrive to deliver useful insights into the Tech world.

Message from the Founder

The audience will only love you only if you love them. The only way you can show your love is by providing content which they’ll love reading.

Our founders have a simple goal of delivering thoughtful, insightful and fact-driven news to the Tech community without dwelling on the speculations and rumors. The Geek Herald welcomes views from all over the world, with writers and experts from over 15 different countries.

The Geek Herald authors are a few who have been part of the tech community from the very beginning. We stand out of other Tech news sites as we don’t just focus on breaking news, but we also provide long-term analytical articles, investigative journalism, and op-eds.

As we strengthen our position in Tech savvy countries, we strive to make our presence felt in other countries where Technology is still in their adolescence like Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa. You can contact us using the contact us page.

Why we started The Geek Herald?

With so much happening in the world of technology every day, it looks like with every passing year there’s a completely new concept that is emerging. It took us decades to evolve from the radio to the TV – but the jump from TV to the PC was shorter. The jump from PC to a smartphone was even shorter – who knows what’s about to happen next, but we are here to report it!

Our goal

We aim to create high-quality technology news content for our readers. Our main purpose is to help you in finding news that really matters to you. We are not just a news site or a tech-blog, instead, we are a dedicated network for connecting technology enthusiasts from around the world and providing them with the appropriate information that they need.

At The Geek Herald, we take journalism very seriously. Even though the writers and founders of this platform come from different industry verticals, we aim to keep the standards of our journalism very high, devoid of any fear or favor, misleading statements or marketing gimmicks. You can expect real news and unbiased analysis from us.