Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have quickly been becoming an active part of the world of technology. There’s so much that’s happening in the world of AI and ML that it has become hard to keep track of things. These technologies are often used when it comes to the world of cyber-security and security research analysis. However, it looks like a reverse trend is now forming.

While up until now these technologies were used to protect systems from a potential threat, it now appears that hackers are looking forward to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to break into systems! A report from popular security analysis firm Symantec throws more light on it. This report is basically about Symantec’s cyber security projections for 2018.

“No cyber security conversation today is complete without a discussion about AI and ML. So far, these conversations have been focused on using these technologies as protection and detection mechanisms. However, this could change in 2018,” Symantec Director – Product Management (Asia Pacific and Japan) Tarun Kaura stated.

In addition to these Artificial Intelligence related threats, the Symantec director also stated that there is a major threat when it comes to IoT devices. Kaura stated that while people are quite aware about securing their computers and mobile systems, they aren’t really aware about the threat that is lurking around in the world of IoT technology.

The Symantec director fears that if home devices get compromised, attackers can possibly feed them with fake audio or visual inputs and gain complete access over connected devices. Devices such as smart TVs and Smart toys particularly need to be updated from time to time and all security measures should be kept in mind. “Home users generally do not consider the cyber security implications of their home IoT devices, leaving default settings and not vigilantly updating them like they do with their computers,” Kaura said.


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