AI is doing wonderful things in the world of technology. Artificial Intelligence systems are now on your phone, on your computers, in your toys, inside sex dolls, in offices, television sets and even hospitals! Now, Artificial Intelligence can even predict when you are going to die. As creepy as it sounds, researchers have developed this technology so that palliative care patients can be taken better care of.

Palliative care is important as it is all about taking care of those who are terminally ill during their final moments. Death is unpredictable and medical professionals can never actually predict how much time someone has. However, research scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine have now developed an AI algorithm which can predict how much time a patient has.

This new algorithm can tell if a patient would die within three to twelve months (which is the time palliative care is the most essential). The Artificial Intelligence system has an accuracy of over 90%. This system can scan through the health records of all patients in a hospital and can predict which of them would be in need of palliative care soon.

How Does the AI Predict Death?

The Artificial Intelligence system went through records of over 160,000 deceased patients to understand medical history and how severe the disease is. This information was then tested on 40,000 patients who were terminally ill and the AI predicted if the patient is in need of palliative care 9 out of 10 times.

The AI knew the exact dates of death of these 160,000 people as well as had the medical records of the patients. Based on the illnesses and the symptoms that the showed, it assigned them different weights to predict the death of other patients who are terminally ill. The purpose of this AI system which can predict death is that it can ensure that terminally ill patients are provided the best care in their final days.


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