Jurassic Park is one of the best childhood movies for every 80s and 90s kid growing up. The Jurassic Park saga begins with dinosaur eggs being discovered in a perfectly preserved condition. A similar incident has now taken place in China where construction workers came across 20 to 30 dinosaur eggs in a perfectly preserved condition covered in rock and dust.

The construction workers who were building a school at the place discovered this and decided to report it to the authorities, as reported by Express UK. Experts who have analyzed it have claimed that these eggs are 130 Million years old and belong to the Cretaceous period, which started about 145 Million years ago and lasted till about 66 Million years ago.

The Cretaceous period, to which these eggs belong, is also the same time period when the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) dominated our planet. The construction workers came across ‘oval shaped stones’ when they were using explosives to clear up the dirt from the area. As of this writing, the eggs are still encased in rock and dirt and scientists are working on recovering them.

In retrospect it is almost horrifying to imagine that these eggs from over a 100 million years ago could have accidentally been reduced to dirt if the explosion would have been placed elsewhere. However, thankfully they are now safe and with the authorities who are researching on them.

Interestingly, just a couple of weeks before these dinosaur eggs were found, an amber fossil which had a previously undiscovered species of tick was found. This tick reportedly had sucked the blood of dinosaurs before being fossilized. This was the first direct evidence of the fact that ticks parasitising on dinosaurs! Moreover, this discover too comes from the mid-Cretaceous age.

While it is practically impossible to use these eggs to revive dinosaurs a la Jurassic Park, but it is indeed a major discovery which will have paleontologists all over the world abuzz with excitement! Is one Dr. Gellar reading this?


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