Over the years as smartphone use is rising, the number of deaths due to smartphone use too, are rising. Smartphone usage has been blamed for a number of these deaths as phones distract users from paying complete attention to driving. Using your phone while you drive is illegal in most countries. However, a new French High Court ruling has now banned smartphone usage even when a car is pulled over.

According to this new French ruling, drivers could be fined up to 135 Euros if found guilty. As per this ruling, drivers can no longer text or make calls while they are driving, or while they are pulled over. In order to make or receive a call, a driver needs to park their car in a proper parking spot. However, the law is relaxed in case of an accident or a car breakdown. In that case, drivers can make a call from anywhere.

Road deaths have been on a rise in France – and while the country has tried to take many precautionary measures, it looks like the blame is now being pinned on the rising smartphone usage in the country. France is infamous for brash driving and road deaths. However, the government hopes this new ruling can help reduce accidents.

France has imposed a number of other rules and regulations when it comes to driving and safety. However, none of it seems to be working out as planned as the death toll on French roads is still on the rise. France recently reduced speed limits across two-lane roads in the nations.

Following this new ruling, the government accepts that there may be a reduction in the death tolls and the roads will become safer. The French automobile association, however, doesn’t think that this move is going to help – and might end up doing more harm.


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