Google Acquires India-based Where's My Train Android App
Image Source: Railway Pro

Search giant Google is increasing its efforts in India after it acquired the team up behind popular transport app “Where’s my Train.” Before this the giant launched an App called as “Tez” to enable UPI based payments in India, which was later renamed to “Google Pay.” Before Tez, Google also launched a service providing app called as “Areo” in India. The huge Indian market attracts not just Google, but also a lot of other known brands such as Walmart, Amazon etc.

The app claims 10 million users and, like its name implies it helps commuters monitor departures and arrivals in addition to buying chairs. That is no small endeavor, since India is anticipated to run several 14,000 trains on a daily basis. The program is for Android, it functions offline or with inadequate connectivity also supports eight languages. Firms like RailYatri and iXigo rival it.

There is no official cost for the bargain, though India’s Economic Times is reporting it is in the area of $30-$40 million. The website reported Google’s interest back in August, as it wrote that additional suitors contained Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi. The deal was confirmed by A Google spokesperson but declined to supply a price.

Four TiVo executives in 2013, set up the company that develops the railway program, sigmoid Labs. Economic Times reports that it’s about 10 staff. It’s uncertain how much money it’s raised thus far. The business told clients news of this acquisition on its own site earlier now.

One of the founders said,

“We can think of no better place to help us achieve our mission, and we’re excited to join Google to help bring technology and information into more people’s hands,”

Google reported that the Where’s my train App team could continue to build on the present offering, therefore it looks like the app will not be shuttered instantly, at least.

The important user base of the service would imply that Google may seem to develop and enlarge its scope to touch on different locations. Programs, by way of instance, have moved such as payments, amusement and food delivery, to benefit from the position as programs.

That is all conjecture now. But in addition, it makes sense that it can fold such as Google Maps, but that isn’t the program now.

The price falls under Google’s “Next Billion User” branch, which is developing products and services to help boost net adoption in emerging markets. To date which has concentrated strongly on India, where Google has developed data-friendly”lite” versions of favorite programs such as YouTube, and initiatives such as public Wi-Fi for India’s rail network that is used by over eight million individuals .

Services have been covered by that scope, together with Google looking at programs that provide customers with usefulness and advice. Google established an on-demand program and a mobile payment service this past year, also this season it published a locality Q&A agency . Where is my Train deal fits that plan, and you would imagine it will develop into a component of the consumer-facing merchandise lineup of Google in India.

The bargain is also among the very significant to date to get a U.S.-based tech company in India. Facebook, Twitter, Google as well as Yahoo have made acquisitions to create teams or obtain talent, but Where’s my Train looks significantly more tactical as a merchandise.


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