Instant Pot DUO60 review
Instant Pot DUO60 review- Regular Customer's Perspective

I heard of the Instant Pot a few decades ago when I read a survey about people’s favorite slow cookers. As opposed to seeing a classic slow cooker have the direct, I was amazed to see all the praise heaped on the Instant Pot. I’d never even heard of an Instant Pot before. Obviously, these days you can not start up a cooking site or magazine without even hearing about them.

A couple of months after that first introduction, I bought and reviewed my first Instant Pot. I was excited and curious about it but moved to it with a healthy quantity of disbelief and skepticism. After all, is it feasible for a single appliance to do the job of all seven? After using it for myself, I chose to compose a fast followup report. Here are my thoughts on the Instant Pot later using it for eight weeks.

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What’s the Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is a multi-use cooker that could work like a toaster, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté/browning pan, as well as a heating pot. This single appliance can do the task of around seven unique appliances and tools. That sounds impressive, no? I really don’t know about you guys, but I can say I don’t have the storage room for seven different appliances.

To be frank, I initially believed there was not any way the Instant Pot would deliver on those promises. I had been preparing for the device to malfunction, if not stop working outright, pretty quickly. I believed it was just a matter of time until it happened.

Except that did not happen.

As I looked through the documentation and began setting the Instant Pot to the job, something happened I’d not have anticipated; the more that I used the Instant Pot, the longer I enjoyed consciously with it. I finally ceased expecting the worst to happen and also began to trust the device for cooking my own weekly staples like lentils, dried legumes, brown rice, along with hard-boiled eggs.

Ways in which I used the Instapot

I primarily use my Instant Pot as a slow cooker and pressure cooker. I will occasionally use it the kettle to warm or sauté food, based upon the recipe, and every so often I will use it as a rice cooker. Those are the functions that fit into my life best and are the foods I make on a regular basis. The Instant Pot may also be utilized for creating yogurt, but I have not tried that function for myself yet.

This one handy appliance has made cooking considerably quicker and much more convenient. Even my husband has been using it lately! I love having the ability to cook steel-cut yogurt and also have them in a small percent of the time I’d need to cook them onto a cooker, make rice in minutes for a fast stir-fry, or slow-cook stews. It has also replaced my slow cooker, that has been taken from the kitchen.

There came the stage throughout the eight months where, without even realizing it was happening, I fell in love with the Instant Pot. I moved from being cynical about it to understand the reason and how it gets so much praise, and I have found myself feeling like about it too.

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  • The Instant Pot is a highly versatile and well-performing appliance. Nearly everybody who buys the Instant Pot DUO60 programmable pressure cooker is satisfied with their purchase. They wind up wondering how they ever dealt with no, mentioning it managed to cook vegetables, meat, risotto, along with other foods quickly and economically. A lot of people say that the Instant Pot works as a great rice cooker and slow cooker, in addition to a pressure cooker. Testing of this device would appear to back up those promises.
  • The editors in Good Housekeeping did their roundup of this device, saying that it was the sole electric pressure stove they’d seen that prepared rice, in addition to a committed rice cooker. They added it aced the typical slow cooker evaluations they’ve. It was able to perform just as well understudying from Wirecutter, providing great consequences for all from sautéing to slow cooking.
  • The studying in found similar benefits, stating the Instant Pot DUO60 supplied totally cooked meals regardless of the setting. Consumer Reports, analyzing the appliance to see if it could do the job of seven appliances, found that there was just 1 time a dedicated appliance was able to do a much better job. That has been steaming. Many owners have been thrilled to bits with all the yogurt making attribute, which they say is worth the price of investment independently.


There is a little learning curve into the Instant Pot DUO60. Throughout testing with Wirecutter, Lesley Stockholm found the Instant Pot appears complex, but it is really easy to work out. A lot of individuals agree, but they really do take notice of a bad education book that doesn’t provide much helpful information. On the other hand, the Instant Pot has gotten so popular that there is an almost infinite amount of online tools where users may download instructions and recipes, including instructional videos that provide a visual walkthrough of how to utilize your Instant Pot.

It’s said that the Instant Pot DUO60 is not difficult to clean and — as a stainless steel cooking pot is dishwasher secure. There’s a lid peace on the pot, something that’s been appreciated by several reviewers. 1 problem we found in regards to ease of use came from J. Kenji López-Alt of Serious Eats. He said that the port of the cooker was not intuitive enough because of all of the buttons and preset options. In addition, he noted it is difficult to tell if the cooker is doing exactly what it’s been programmed to perform because of the poor LCD feedback. He recommends being patient using the device and awaiting the little beep that lets you understand cooking has begun.

Is it Durable and Safe?

  • There were hardly any complaints on this front. The 6-quart form of the Instant Pot DUO60 was released in 2014, and there have been very few complaints about durability or the appliance breaking since then, even when people use it several times each week.
  • The inner pot is made from a 3-ply food-grade stainless steel inside; something that is unique to digital pressure cookers as most of these are covered with non-toxic substances, a deal-breaker for people seeking to prevent chemical coatings.
  • There is 1 problem that we did notice; some reviewers, even people who gave the cooker a 5-star evaluation, noted that the gasket scents after producing something having a strong flavor, and it can be hard to eliminate the odor. Some said they had to purchase another gasket, the Instant Pot Sealing Ring, to have one to get routine dishes and one for flavored products. The gasket is not covered under the 1-year warranty.

We found the Instant Pot to be an affordable and beloved device which allows for cooking all manner of items. Just do not allow yourself get carried off and assume it can replace everything in your kitchen though maybe it might replace the oven when it is too hot for cooking.

Are there any Alternatives to this?

If you’re after something which cooks more accurately, there is also the Instant Pot Ultra. The Ultra model provides better temperature controller. There are numerous other multi-cookers available also, including the T-Fal 10-in-1, which we’ve discovered can cook a wide variety of dishes also goes for around $100.

Is it Sturdy and Would Last Long?

As a result of this stainless-steel exterior and bowl, the Instant Pot makes for a sturdy countertop appliance that’s sure to last you for several years.

Should you purchase it?

We think you need to. We anticipate the Instant Pot will work great for people that don’t possess an unlimited selection of counter appliances since it replaces the need for many individual devices.

But when you’ve got a cluttered counter packed with a toaster, rice cooker, and even more, you may not be considering adding some additional clutter. Just remember that novices could see some failures prior to learning how to use the Instant Pot DUO60 properly.

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