Artificial Intelligence is doing amazing things! It has been helping protect the environment, predict delays in flights, predict floods, fly drones, beat humans at chess and much more! However, one of the most incredible achievements of AI is in the world of learning and education technology. AI and Machine Learning techniques can be used to teach people languages – Blue Canoe Learning has now developed one such app to help people learn English with the help of AI.

Blue Canoe Learning has earned quite a reputation for itself over the past few months. It was the first company to be a part of the incubator program at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence – which is funded by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen. Blue Canoe’s app is aimed at helping non-native speakers of the language learn English using Artificial Intelligence.

Blue Canoe aims at targeting companies which have a large number of non-native English speaking workforce. “Blue Canoe, first and foremost, will start helping companies who have employed lots of non-native English speakers,” said Sarah Daniels, CEO of Blue Canoe. “It will help those companies help those employees to reach their full potential.”

There are many apps and services that correct grammar and vocabulary. However, Blue Canoe believes it is more about fluency than anything else. Fluency means having real conversations – and the company intends to ensure that the users of their app are able to do that well. The app uses a digital version of the color vowel system which associates words with colors, helping users easily grasp on to it.

As of now this is still in a pilot-program stage but is likely to come out for the public in a short time. “It really has a chance to make a profound impact on so many hundreds of millions of people,” said Daniels. “And that’s the reason to get out of bed every morning.”


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