The Internet of Things is considered to be one of the biggest game-changers in the world of technology over the next few decade. Along with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, the Internet of Things is going to play a major part in bringing along a technological revolution. Mozilla has now introduced their ‘Project Things’, which is a framework of software that will allow users to create their own IoT hub.

Project Things runs on Raspberry Pi and supports web-based commands as well as a voice interface. With Project Things, Mozilla aims at decentralizing the Internet of Things. A number of major names in the world of technology such as Amazon, Apple and Google are building devices which act as a hub for Internet of Things. However, these companies are coming out with commercial products.

Mozilla also wants to create an open standard with the W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium) for ‘Web of Things’. Mozilla aims at creating a standard which all devices of the future use to communicate with each other. As per TechCrunch, The specifications rely on JSON, and a REST and WebSockets API. Those are standard data and API models on the web, and they should work perfectly fine for connected devices.

With Project Things, anyone who owns Raspberry Pi 3, and ZigBee and Z-Wave USB dongles can set up their own IoT hub. This would also allow more manufacturers to provide built-in IoT support in their gadgets. In the future, developers can also create bridges between this Project Things interface and the APIs of Google/Amazon/iPhones etc, interconnecting it all into one giant ecosystem of the web of things.

Moreover, Mozilla is also creating a progressive web app which will allow the users to control the connected devices at home. Mozilla’s system will also allow users to set up IFTTT styled conditional rules which will allow the users to automate their systems. Moreover, to get started with Project Things, you don’t require a high amount of technical know-how as Mozilla claims this is ‘built for everyone’.


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