Artificial Intelligence has been improving with every passing day. While the layman understanding of AI is ‘the technology that powers Siri’, it is much more than just that. Artificial Intelligence is now being used for many practical purposes, including nuclear warfare! China is now making use of AI technology to make their nuclear systems ‘think’ better.

China’s arsenal of nuclear submarines is one of the most powerful forces of the world. It is all set to get ‘smarter’ as China is using Artificial Intelligence to improve the efficiency of their attacks. China is updating their older systems and implementing AI in these submarines. With this AI-led brainpower coming to the submarines, the Chinese Navy would get a greater advantage over their rivals.

“Though a submarine has an enormous power of destruction, its brain is actually quite small,” a scientist from China stated, requesting anonymity. He further stated that while a significant portion of nuclear warfare is about the efficiency of the team, the demands of the modern day warfare are forcing countries to improve their technology and include Artificial Intelligence.

The primary function of Artificial Intelligence in nuclear submarines is to perform a number of tasks which were done by humans till now. This includes work such as interpreting and answering SONAR signals. AI systems would make use of neural networks to perform this task. Moreover, these AI systems can help the crew on the submarine strategize better.

The system can also apprehend enemy threats and warn the crew on these submarines. However, the scientist goes on to comment that this could have potentially dangerous results. There is a serious amount of threat associated with giving AI the control of nuclear power. However, in these submarines, the AI doesn’t control the nukes but just helps in strategies. “There must be a human hand on every critical post. This is for safety redundancy,” the scientist said.


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