Nvidia has now teamed up with German automotive provider Continental to create Artificial Intelligence powered self-driving cars. These cars will function on the Nvidia Drive Platform. Their level-3 system is expected to launch in the markets by 2021. The end goal is to create a level-5 system where the cars will not require a steering wheel or pedals.

Both these companies have teamed up together and will work on the development of self-driving car systems which will run on the Nvidia Drive Platform. This includes a System on Chip processor – Drive Xavier, as well as an OS for these self-driving cars, the Drive OS. Moreover, the teams will also collaborate on the development of the software stacks for the autonomous vehicle system – the Drive AV.

As per Nvidia, the Drive Xavier SoC can deliver an incredible 30 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second) when it comes to deep learning. Moreover, the chip consumes only 30 Watts of energy. Such incredible levels of performance are necessary when it comes to artificial intelligence powered vehicles and self-driven cars. These numbers seem huge now but are likely to get increasingly common in the near future.

Continental CEO Elmar Degenhart said: “The vehicle of the future will be a sensing, planning and acting computer on wheels. The complexity of autonomous driving requires nothing less than the full computational horsepower of an AI supercomputer. Together with the performance and flexibility of NVIDIA’s AI self-driving solution, from the cloud to the car we will achieve new levels of safety, comfort and personalization for future vehicles.”

The processing that is involved in these self-driving cars involves running a deep neural net to understand the surrounding and give the vehicles a sense of spatial awareness. The vehicles also need to be localized on an HD Map. Moreover, their behaviour with regards to the position of other objects also needs to be predicted in advance. This is indeed a huge step forward towards the future of self-driving technology.


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