Artificial Intelligence, as a technology, has been growing in leaps and bounds with every passing year. There have been many breakthroughs over the years but there has been one major problem that continues to loom. Privacy concerns. With AI and Machine Learning technologies improving with every passing day, our devices know us better than ever before.

There has been a significant change that Artificial Intelligence has brought into our lifestyles. Not only are we communicating instructions to our devices, but our devices are interacting back with us! Technology is getting more and more interactive and immersive – but in this interactive, immersive world – where do we draw a line?

In a recent survey conducted by Genpact, over 5000 people were asked about their views on the AI technology. 59% of these people stated that there needs to be laws which protect the personal data of the consumers from Artificial Intelligence. Interestingly, while AI continues to impress – only 12% of people voted that they’d like to interact with chatbots, even if they are faster and more accurate than humans.

About 60% of those surveyed say that AI is likely to impact their life without them even realizing so! 58% people were not comfortable with companies using AI to gather personal data. Interestingly, there are about 40% who state that AI has made no impact on their life at all.

“AI is a game-changer to improve the customer experience, yet real challenges remain regarding trust and privacy,” said Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital Officer, Genpact. “To encourage adoption, the key is to have visibility into AI decisions, and be able to track and explain the logic behind them. Companies need to break through the ‘black box’ to drive better insights for their business and give consumers the assurance they need.”

AI is indeed changing the world, however, privacy concerns are a still here. It would be interesting to see how long it takes for global governments to realize this and the kind of solutions that they propose.


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