Google partners with LSE think tank for Journalism AI project
Image Source: Google APIS

Search Giant, Google has partnered the journalism think-tank, with Polis at London School of Economics and Political Science, to Make Journalism AI.

The programme, which falls under the Google News Initiative, will help scribes in training and research and will focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence and journalism, the internet giant said in a post.

As part of the programme, the business will release a survey year showcasing media organisations currently used AI and would advise these organisations how they can further exploit the technologies for storytelling or reporting.

Matt Cooke, head of partnerships and training, Google News Lab, said in the blog post,

“We’ll also collaborate with newsrooms and academic institutions to create a best practices handbook and produce free online training on how to use AI in the newsroom for journalists worldwide”

The company also said that it will help organisations use Google Earth to devise ways of pushing out content.

Cooke, adding that the tool can be used by graphic designers.

“After testing with partners over the last two years, we’re introducing a new tool called Google Earth Studio, which is an animation tool for Google Earth’s satellite and 3D imagery”

The internet giant said it made available a journalism handbook, which was a part of its partnership with the European Journalism Centre this past year.

Cooke said that Google in the past four years has provided free training to journalists, attaining more than 140,000 people in-person.

In addition to the above made statement, he also added,

“We’ll continue these workshops, but to make them accessible to more people, we’re revamping our free online Training Centre. Our trainings on Google tools for journalists are now available in 16 languages—including Indonesian Bahasa, Thai and Turkish. We’ve also added an optional sign-in feature to help you track your own progress”


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