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Instagram has reportedly added WhatsApp like Voice Messaging service to their platform. With this feature rolling out, one will be able to send voice messages to their friends and followers and vice versa. Although, the feature is getting added very late to the platform, but it surely makes conversation more convenient for the app users.

While it’s similar to WhatsApp’s voice chat, it does have some differences too. Unlike WhatsApp where a user has to select the recipient first and share the message with him, In this you can record the message and then select a contact or a group of people to whom you’d want to send a voice chat too!

According to us, this seems really inappropriate as people don’t use a same voice chat with group. This also can increase accidental sending of messages. If a message was recorded to be sent to a follower A and while selecting, the sender mistakenly selected a different contact or follower.  The message intended for A would reach to someone whom it wasn’t intended to.

The good thing is, they’ve not removed the button from the personal chat. So if it’s a personal message, it’ll always be recommended to go to the personal chat and send it. This is just to avoid accidental sending of a message to someone whom it wasn’t intended to. Here’s how the chat screen would look after addition of the button.

VoiceMessage on Instagram

This is a feature a lot of Instagrammers around the world were looking for and with this feature release things will become more convenient for all the Instagrammers out there.



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