American Rapper Soulja Boy is Selling His Own Gaming Consoles
Image Credits: Fortnite (Gaming)

Soulja Boy is stepping back from “cranking it,” and pivoting into an entirely new field this week: Selling his very own video game consoles and high-tech accessories.

Soulja continues to be a gamer his life, so it is just natural for him to wish to launch his own strategies, and this week, he’s done. He now sells two separate consoles on his site, each of which bear his namesake: the SouljaGame Console and the SouljaGame Handheld.

The site states that the console comes with 800 games. According to the website, the handheld runs 3DS Switch, Vita Game Boy Color and Advance games, and it’ll have 3,000 games.

That is a lot of matches, and it appears improbable that the system will actually run licensed copies of these, especially from companies such as Nintendo. More likely than not, the systems will run ROMs, which may be troublesome for Soulja.

Soulja Boy’s interest in video games is not anything new. Soon after his 2007 hit took middle school dances throughout the nation by storm, he had been uploading videos on YouTube to a series he called”Soulja Boy Video Game Blog.”

“I am hard anyone and EVERYONE who believe they can touch me on Gears, Halo 3, or C.O.D 4. Find me and get you some!”

But when the video game industry withers, Soulja has another hustle to keep him occupied: his site also sells a lot of different products (that are all available right now). The SouljaPad, and Soulja Pods, Soulja Headphones Soulja Phones are all available for sale.


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