The Geek Herald Team

Vishal Sancheti, Editor

Vishal, Editor at TheGeekHeraldVishal likes calling himself the “Manager” here. Even before he started off with The Geek Herald, he has been involved in the field of technology for over half a decade. He has been a core member of sites such as, Eyuva Ltd. and has been an evangelist at He looks after the content posted on the site & maintains the server. He is known for rooting the devices on the first day after he purchases them.

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Ishita Kothari, Sub-Editor

Ishita, Journalist at TheGeekHeraldA dedicated techie and an avid reader, ‘Gadget Girl’ Ishita has been one of the earliest adopters of Tech products. Her interests rally across writing tech reviews to writing poetry. She not only holds a degree in technology but also is a practicing Tech lover. If there’s a new gadget in the market, she’s got to buy it & use it. She is the one who handles the Facebook handle of The Geek Herald. She is based out of Rajkot, India.

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Arjun Patel, Journalist

Arjun, Journalist at TheGeekHeraldOne of the earliest contributors to The Geek Herald, Arjun has been a part of our website right since the inception. A Chartered Accountant by Profession, Journalist by heart & his passion has always been technology. He has been an active member of several tech forums over the years and is particularly fond of Android Wear devices. He also loves attending Tech events and represents The Geek Herald at a lot of the Media Events related to Gadgets & Tech. He is based out of Rajkot, India.

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Mira Thakkar, Journalist

Mira, Journalist at TheGeekHerald

A student of English literature, Mira has a passion for writing. With variegated interests in gadgets, books, music and so much more, she has been writing in web magazines and blogs for more than a year now. She is also fond of travel and is a globetrotting traveler who wishes to be a bestselling novelist some day.

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Mayank Agarwal, Journalist

Mayank, Editor at TheGeekHeraldA bookworm and an anime lover, Mayank Agarwal is an Anime lover, who has been writing tech since he was 18 years old. He has been extremely passionate about his love for technology, and you can spot him at nearly every presser that’s going on in the city! One of the most well-known techies in his circle, Mayank has been working as Journalist at The Geek Herald.

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Priya Trivedi, Community Enabler

Priya TrivediPriya is a traveler by nature & journalist by profession. She is not just a regular contributor at The Geek Herald but has also been featured on many Travel blogs. Her passions include reviewing the latest gadgets and devices and traveling to unexplored places. She is based out of Hyderabad, India. If you are a Female reading The Geek Herald, You’ll love more of her on her social media handles.

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Girish Vidhalani, Intern (Content Strategy)

Girish is a true Gizmofreak and a big-time movie buff. He loves to buy all the cool new gadgets and covers Gadgets and Android News at The Geek Herald, When he isn’t with his Laptop, He is either found sleeping or watching movies. There is only one thing that surpasses his love for tech – his love for badminton!

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