Apple Is Preparing to Produce the iPhone 12


Apple soon will start iPhone 12 mass production, despite facing difficulties during this coronavirus pandemic.

According to sources, Apple has finished most of the engineering verification test for its latest phone. The phone will be available for a 5G network. However, they are still completing the design and product verification tests before starting mass production.

Apple initially ordered components for around 100 million iPhone 12 units, but then decided to reduce it to 80 million orders. The company has planned to manufacture 45 million older iPhone models. This production of previous models aims to keep the sales going given the iPhone 12 delays.

Technically, there will be two iPhone 12 models. The first model will be a 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) and the second one will be the sub-6GHz model. However, the pandemic has caused the mmWave iPhone to be two months behind schedule. The sub-6GHz model is also behind schedule, about one and a half months according to sources.

The final iPhone assembly might be delayed to early October, while the launch might happen in November.

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