300,000 Nintendo Switch Accounts Have Been Hacked


Nintendo Switch has been a popular mobile gaming console since the launch, but it has some security issues. Recently, Nintendo confirmed that around 300,000 accounts were in danger of hacking activities.

Hackers Gain Access to 300,000 Nintendo Accounts

Nintendo Switch users reported suspicious activities in April as their Nintendo eShop accounts recorded illegal transactions. Nintendo later confirmed this issue, reporting that around 160,000 accounts are in danger.

Recently, Nintendo updates the number to 300,000 accounts along with an explanation. Players who used 3DS and Wii devices most likely signed up for a Nintendo Network ID (NNID). When the Nintendo release the Switch, users can log in using their NNID or create a new Nintendo Account.

Nintendo found that the login information, including passwords, for NNID was compromised. As a result, hackers gained access to linked Nintendo Accounts of Nintendo Switch users. There have been reports of illegal purchases, especially to those that had their PayPal accounts added as a payment method.

Nintendo Is Solving The Massive Security Issue

Nintendo has suspended the option to link NNID to Nintendo Accounts for Switch users. Affected accounts will also receive an email to advise them for a password change. For the illegal purchases, Nintendo said they are starting the refund process.

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