Over 250K pledge to storm Area 51 to uncover alien secrets

Area 51 from above
Credits: Fox News

More than 250,000 have planned to raid Area 51, which is located in southern Nevada. These people have signed up on Facebook to attend the secret base to unveil the secrets of alien.

250K people about to storm Area 51

The event is titled, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”. Moreover, these people have decided to meet near the top-secret U.S. Air Force Base on September 20th around 3 am. They are all set to attack and discover the truth behind the secret activities of the U.S.

After the meetup, they will “Naruto run” with their hands stretched behind like the popular character Naruto Uzumaki runs in Naruto (Japanese anime series). Moreover, they are planning to make their way into the Area 51 faster than the bullets.

What is Area 51?

Area 51 is located on the remote land on Southern Nevada. Moreover, no one is allowed to enter this secret U.S. Air Force facility. The place has been listed in the top secret places of the world.

Also, many people believe that alien aircraft was discovered in Area 51. Various conspiracy theories have been doing the rounds for many years.

Joke Event on September 20th

According to the sources, the event will be hosted by “Shitposting cause im in shambles” which is a meme page on Facebook and SmyleeKun who is a gaming video creator on Twitch. After the huge announcement, around 283,000 stated they were interested in attending the joke event.

The event hosts are all set with their troops to march into the Area 51. Let’s see whether they are able to cross the gates. So are you excited to see what’s inside?

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