5G Network Speed Test on Different Devices!

5G speed test

The speed tests for the 5G network has already started in New York. T-Mobiles picked download 5G network speed test of beyond 500 Mbps and we will soon be expecting 5G to launch worldwide.

With 4G already taking India and the rest of the world with an unparalleled storm, 5G is preparing for a Tsunami. The first test results came out very positive and they will definitely shock you.

The speed of 5G is 11-12 times that of current 4G network and will be the next “big thing” in terms of networking. The speed results were promising in most areas some showed below 400 Mbps too but still, it is significantly greater than 4G LTE.

There were also some downloading experiments performed on some basic play store apps and also Netflix movies which are as shown below.


  • The most popular Battle Royale game PUBG downloaded from play store in 2 Minutes approximately. Its file size is approximately 2 GB.
  • Further, the tests included downloading movies from Netflix, which took no more than a minute or so.

These are some comments stated by organisations and people,

Tom’s Guide stated that,

 “It is impressively broad compared to Verizon’s network in Chicago”

CNET stated that,

“The coverage was better than what we’ve experienced on other mmWave networks.”

We also have a city list which will follow the 5G installations first in the world. They are New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Cleveland or Las Vegas.

CNET also found some other results which were not as approving as that of T-Mobiles. However, the results can still be considered satisfactory as they are still better than what we have as 4G.

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