7 steps to disable WhatsApp without deleting it

7 Steps to get rid of WhatsApp without deleting the App

Are you also one of those users who are caught in the middle of WhatsApp? Neither you can delete the app nor you can keep it. This is one of the major drawbacks of WhatsApp, the inability to go ‘invisible’ on the app makes it vulnerable to use. On other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the users have an option to “Logout” to have some alone time. But, there are ways to disguise on WhatsApp without deleting the app.

1. Record a silence tone and set it as ringtone for WhatsApp Notifications

7 Steps to get rid of WhatsApp without deleting the App

There is no option to select “No Ringtone” for WhatsApp Notifications. Either you can put your phone on silent mode to get rid of those notifications which are not at all feasible. So, the easiest hack to solve this problem is to record pin-drop silence for 2 seconds using the audio recorder and set it as ringtone for your WhatsApp Notifications. To set the custom tone, go to WhatsApp -> Settings -> Notifications -> “Your Custom Tone”.

2. Disable WhatsApp Notifications

Another way of ignoring WhatsApp is by disabling the notifications of WhatsApp by heading over to Phone Settings -> Apps -> List of Apps -> Tap on Whatsapp -> Notifications -> Disable all notifications. This way you’ll not find any WhatsApp Notifications in the notification bar of your phone. Therefore, you’ll not get to know about any new messages or calls unless you purposely open WhatsApp.

3. Disable the notification light

7 Steps to get rid of WhatsApp without deleting the App

If your phone comes with a notification light, then disable this feature for WhatsApp. To do so, go to WhatsApp -> Settings -> Notifications -> Light. Then, simply remove the WhatsApp shortcut from the home screen. This way you’ll continue to receive the messages in the background without even knowing about it.

5. Turn Off “Read Receipts”

Earlier, WhatsApp rolled out a feature of “Read Receipts” where you can select to either keep it on or off. By doing this, the sender won’t get a blue tick on the message even if you read it. However, this is not a very reliable option as the sender one or the other way gets to know about it. Because, as soon as you open WhatsApp, the app shows you “Online”.

6. Restrict WhatsApp from using your mobile data

7 Steps to get rid of WhatsApp without deleting the App

Go to -> Phone’s Settings -> Apps -> List of Apps -> WhatsApp -> Click “Force Stop”. By doing this, WhatsApp will be restricted to use your phone’s mobile data in order to receive messages.

7. Do not open WhatsApp after tapping “Force Stop”

If you don’t want the sender to receive a “Double Tick”, the only way is to not open WhatsApp once you hit the “Force Stop” button.

So, these hacks can definitely make your life better without deleting WhatsApp from your phone. You can keep it and also spend some me-time with your own-self.

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