Act-Age manga cancelled after Writer Tatsuya Matsuki’s arrest


Recently, reports claimed that the cancellation of Act-Age after its creator Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested for inappropriately touching a middle school girl. Shueisha has decided to officially cancel the blockbuster series in the light of the arrest.

After some days, reports came from Tokyo that revealed some disturbing facts about the creator of the series. Matsuki has been arrested after he misbehaved with a middle school girl.  The writer confessed in front of the police that he has misbehaved with middle school girls earlier in the day, did not deny any allegations laid on him.

As per reports, Matsuki before approaching the girls followed them with his bike. Matsuki informed police that there was nothing wrong about the allegations laid on him. This incident is enough for Shueisha to end the production of the series.

The publisher shared,

It is extremely unfortunate to have to end a series that has received so much support from so many readers in this way. However, this decision was made because of the nature of the incident, and because Weekly Shonen Jump recognizes the weight of its social responsibility.

At the moment, the fans will only get to read the final chapters of Act-Age. MANGA PLUS has cancelled its plan to host the final chapter. Further, there has been no updates about Matsuki’s case till now.

What do you feel about this decision? Is it right to cancel the series altogether? Do let us know in the comment section.

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