Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo Divorce Rumors: Singer’s mood swings to break the Marriage


A year ago, a source claimed that Adam Levine’s marriage was in trouble over his “dark moods.” A reputed source corrected the story when it come out, since than Levine and his wife are together.

Adam’s dark moods caused troubles in their relationship

A source claimed that Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s relationship was in crisis. The tabloid claimed that Adam had become a nightmare to be around and it was driving his wife crazy.

A source said,

Behati tried her best to help him through his grief, but the whole thing was an awful shock to his system.

The unreliable source stated that Levine was in a panic over his career. The source added Adam was a prominent man. The outlet also suggested Adam’s exit from The voice was based on hard negotiation.

Adam’s marriage is doing just fine

All of this, the unreliable source claimed,

Prinsloo suffered almost as much as he has from the latest lows in his life. She hoped that when he came out of it, he’d focus more attention on her.

A reputed source corrected the claim when it come out. Adam and Prinsloo were doing fine in their relationship. The singer openly stated that he decided to leave “ The Voice” to spend more time with his family.

This isn’t the first time the sources had made wrong claim about the singer’s relationship with Prinsloo. Earlier this year, a source claimed that Adam is divorcing Prinsloo. The two were unhappy and wanted to split.

A reputed source also busted the rumor that Adam is dating The Voice co- host Blake Shelton. Therefore, one should not believe this claims made by these unreliable sources.

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