Adidas and Naruto collaboration happens!

Adidas and Naruto collaboration happens!

Adidas the world famous “Shoe Company” is now collaborating with the legendary Manga “Naruto”. This collaboration would result in a new era of sneakers from Adidas.

This is not the first time Adidas is trying to impress Anime fans. Last year too, Adidas did a collaboration with “Dragon Ball Z” and launched a whole series of “Anime-based” shoes. The new look is not yet official but fans already have tried to decode the link between the three striped logos and Naruto characters.

Moreover, the shoes are set to be “Boost-Cuishoned Sneakers”. They will mostly be inspired by Shakura’s character and outfit.

Additional details

The further information regarding the shoes which we have for now is:

  • Three stripes branding in the mid-foot.
  • Character printing on the shoes.
  • Inclusion of Naruto Shippuden logo on the sneakers as well.
  • The stripes are most likely to be neon green.
  • Boost mid-sole full length is white.
  • Outside rubber used is of red colour.

Further details will be released by them soon.

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Naruto X Adidas combination is just great! The Manga/Anime fans will be impressed and they will profit a lot from these fans. With Anime fans increasing day-by-day due to successful Anime’s would result in more such collaboration.

It is also possible that this is just a teaser and they are hiding the full movie behind it. This sneaker can be a part of a bigger collection where we could see the combination of different characters from the Anime.

They didn’t just collaborate with Naruto, but also with other respective famous series too.

  • Adidas X Dragon Ball Z
  • Pokemon X Adidas sneaker collab.
  • Adidas X Marvel’s signature styled shoe.

Adidas and Marvel’s collab is very obvious. After Endgame Marvel is on whole another level and fan-following of “Robert Downey”, “Chris Evans” and “Tom Holland” is on par with legends. This shoe, However, would include Spiderman and is made for basketball legend “Mitchell Donovan”.

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