AdidasXNaruto Sneakers is a homage to Kakashi Hatake

AdidasXNaruto Sneakers

The first look of AdidasXNaruto Sneakers is finally out! Last month, leaks revealed that Adidas was preparing for a footwear collaboration with the much-loved anime series as well as manga Naruto.

NarutoXAdidas sneaker pictures are out now

The new Adidas’ Naruto Sneakers are modeled after the famous character Kakashi Hatake from Naruto manga. The shoe manufacturer is hopeful that the new AdidasXNaruto Sneakers will capture fans hearts with its unique design. Unfortunately, the Adidas X Dragon Ball Z Collection was straight trash.

Besides, the main problem with the Dragon Ball Shoe collection was that none of the shoes were up to the mark. Even the first shoe, which was a tribute to Naruto was not impressive.

Same goes for Game of ThronesXAdidas shoe collection! However, it appears like the new AdidasXNaruto Sneakers collection has solved all the company’s problems. Also, the much-praised AdidasXKith collaborations launched in 2017.

AdidasXNaruto Sneakers a homage to Kakashi Hatake

The NarutoxAdidas shoes feature Kakashi’s Mangekyō Sharingan eye emblem. Source: Geek Culture

The collection pays homage to Kakashi Hatake

For those who don’t know about the Kakashi Hatake, he is a fictional character in Naruto anime series. The character has appeared numerous pieces of Naruto media which includes the original video animations, six of the nine featured films in the series as well as video games.

AdidasXNaruto Sneakers features

The soccer-inspired silhouette of the AdidasXNaruto Sneakers has a sleek design. Besides, the details of the shoes scream Team 7. Moreover, the topmost blue suede matches the gray furry suede on the tongue tag, Three Stripes as well as a heel pull tab.

AdidasXNaruto Sneakers a homage to Kakashi Hatake

Front View of the Naruto x Adidas shoes. Source: Geek Culture

Moreover, the Kakashi’s Mangekyō Sharingan eye design features on the tongue tag. Besides, the Leaf Village motifs sit on the heel of the shoes. The best thing about the collection is that Japanese characters which read Hatake Kakashi printed on the heel.

However, Adidas still hasn’t announced the launch date yet! Wondering what else might be in store? Follow us on The Geek Herald!

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