Advertisers are breaching your privacy using Browser Fingerprinting

Advertisers are breaching your privacy using Browser Fingerprinting

Did you know Browser fingerprinting is a new way of finding private information about an internet user? Online advertising companies are using these techniques to sneak on your private activities.

Gone are the days when websites use to take assistance from cookie browsers which used to record user browser history. Nowadays, your activities can easily get tracked by using browser fingerprints and there is no way to detect them.

Besides, online consumers have become extremely cautious about surfing on big tech companies sites. After the huge scandals of Cambridge Analytica and many other, common people are facing difficulty in trusting any websites.

Moreover, they are trying to stop following them across the web. One thing, the consumers don’t know is that the tech firms are planning one step ahead of their business.

What is browser fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is one of the simplest and the latest way used by the web trackers and tech giants. However, this technology is not new to advertisers. It was first reported on in 2010 and recently, it has become quite popular among the online advertisers.

Today, its use is increasing rapidly on the internet. The fingerprints are the characteristics of one’s smartphone and laptop leaves behind as it browses the web. Most of the users have never heard about it.

What are the most effective methods to protect yourself from browser fingerprinting?

These days, fingerprinting is the right method to track online activity and identifying unique browsers of every user. Fortunately, there are few ways to wipe out your fingerprints from the internet.

You can use Private Browsing Methods to protect yourself from fingerprinting. Switch to incognito mode on your browser. Also, you can install plugins that can disable trackers.

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