Aggretsuko season 3 is all set to return on Netflix

Aggretsuko all set to return for season 3 on Netflix!

Channel your rage with Retsuko who is back again for Aggretsuko season 3! Sanrio is yet set to team up with the world-famous streaming service Netflix in the name of Retsuko. Aggretsuko received a green flag from Netflix at a stage event at the Taipei Comic Exhibition. The announcement was made on this Monday itself.

Aggretsuko Season 3 details

The Twitter account of Netflix Japan also confirmed the news on the same. They posted,

Fanworks studio writer and director, Rareko says he had already squeezed out the last drop possible from the previous two seasons. He was not ready for Aggretsuko season 3. However, he has told fans to look forward to this new one too as he will try to bring all the fan-favorite characters back.

Retsuko (the Anime character) himself appeared at the stage event. Moreover, she was seen with Freddy Lim, who is the lead vocalist of Chthonic, which is a Taiwan based band.

Fans still have no clue as to when the third season will air on Netflix. However, it is speculated that a late 2019 release or an early 2020 release can be there. Still, fans are hoping for more details from Netflix, Japan, and Sanrio.

Aggretsuko season 3

The previous two seasons are already there on Netflix. Both of them have ten episodes each. Season 1 premiered on 20th April 2018 and the second season aired on 14th June 2019. The story follows office worker Retsuko, who deals with every day’s nuisance and workload.

Her boss, named Ton gives her hopeless tasks, which means nothing to her. He forces her to dust up tables and bring him tea and other workers care nonetheless. Later many characters are introduced in the story.

To take out all the frustration, she sings off heavy metal karaoke when she is free.

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