Airbnb to give take you to the world of vampires and warewolves: Puts Bella Swan’s house from Twilight on rent

Airbnb to give take you to the world of vampires and warewolves: Puts Bella Swan's house from Twilight on rent

If you are a fan of Twilight series, then now you can rent the original Bella Swan’s House from the film on Airbnb. Check out the prices, interior and exteriors, and further details about the “Twilight Swan House.”

Rent Twilight Swan House via Airbnb

It’s been more than a decade since the Twilight series ended, but some fans still can’t get over it. If you want to relive those moments then now is your chance. Airbnb is offering all the fans to stay at Bella Swan’s two-story home. Last year, the house was up for a sale which is located in St. Helens, Oregan.

Interior and the exterior of the home

Bella Swan's home!

Credits: Yahoo Finance

Once you step inside the house, you will see numerous photos of Twilight cast and memorabilia. You will also see the life-size cutouts of Jacob Black and Bella Swan to company their guests. The interior, as well as the exterior, looks totally unchanged. Besides, it has 5 bedrooms, two bathrooms and can occupy 10 people.

Charges of the home

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and book this rental home now through Airbnb! Moreover, the cost of the rental home is reasonable for all. The charges for a night on Friday and Saturday is $440. Also, you can book it for $330 for any other day of the week.

The home is situated few distances away from Portland, near Oregon’s Columbia River. However, the guest will have to book a rental home with Airbnb for a minimum of two days. The home has also gained 5-star rating and positive reviews by the guests.

Airbnb: What can you do at home?

Guests can do many fun things like sleep in Bella’s room of Airbnb, or revive the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward debate. You can also discuss vampires and werewolves at the dining room table or click the pictures on the motorbike which is parked on the driveway.

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