AirPods with iOS 14 Provides a New Level of Experience


Apple’s wireless earbuds are getting an upgrade in iOS 14. New functions have been confirmed to be delivered for the upgrade, but some are exclusively available for the AirPods Pro.

At the virtual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week, Apple has not announced any new hardware. People were waiting for a new variant of AirPods, especially an over-ear headphone named AirPods Studio. No news so far about this new hardware from the tech giant.

A Theater Effect for AirPods Pro

The good news, AirPods series has received some improvement through the iOS 14. One of the iOS 14 features for the earbuds is called Spatial Audio, available only for AirPods Pro.

These wireless earbuds will make users experience a new level of earbuds, making the audio quality similar to watching movies in a theatre. This feature uses AirPods’ motion sensors that detect the head movement to provide the best sound to users. When users or their device moves, the surround sound quality will stay the same as if they are in a studio.

Notification to Charge AirPods

Another update is a notification about the charing of AirPods. When the AirPods need to be charged, users will receive a notification showing the current battery level of the earbuds. This small update is very useful as the small device does not have a physical battery indicator.

Connection Between Devices

Apple also updates AirPods audio sharing for connection between devices. In iOS 14, user can automatically switch their AirPods to their iPhone when they receive a call. After the call ends, users can pick up their iPad to continue watching and the OS will change the pairing from iPhone to iPad automatically.

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