Akira Anime Series announced along with a New Movie

Akira Anime Series announced along with a New Movie

Katsuhiro Otomo, who has created one of the best iconic animated film and Manga adaptations of all times, Akira is in preparation for a new anime adaptation of the story. Sunrise Incorporated is just not ending at this they have further plans too.

The company has announced this project at the Anime Expo held in Los Angeles. A new movie and an Otomo anthology were announced along with the new Akira animated series adaptation.

Exciting for Akira fans

New Akira Anime series along with a new movie:

Otomo’s new announcement of the sci-fi action adventure film is an interesting movie with a good plot. It tells the story about a group of guys living in a colony in space which is still under construction. The movie is set in the near future.

The plot mainly revolves around their lives and the environment as they face the abnormalities. The Orbital era is presently in production, and Otomo is the one who is the in charge of the screenplay, design works, direction and also the concept of the film. The animation of the production is under the guidance of Sunrise Inc.

Otomo’s legendary works:

New Akira Anime series along with a new movie:

The third project termed as Otomo: The complete works, is a collection of all the Otomo’s works and will be monitored by Otomo himself. The collection which is being released by Otomo will consist of everything one can dream of.

Every one of his works and statements will be present in a chronological order starting with his Manga debut in 1971. Sunrise has confirmed about the release of the collection worldwide. The details about its release date are yet to be announced.

On Facebook, Sunrise made a promise to all the fans that

“Everyone will be kept up to date about this new anime adaptation project as details become available.”

The news is coming as Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) is starting up the making on his live-action adaptation of the manga, scheduled to be due in May 2021.

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