Alfie Allen jobless years review song gone viral

Alfie Allen's jobless years review song, gone viral

Well, it’s a universally known fact that little sisters are born with an innate talent of irritating the shit out of their elder-siblings. I mean each elder brother or sister never lived a single day on this planet without question the purpose of existence of their younger sister. Alfie Allen is no exception to it!!! His little sister’s trick went to another level as it got viral, and is now all over the internet!!

Alfie Allen is actually Lily Allen’s brother!!

Alfie Allen's jobless years review song, gone viral

Alfie and Lily Allen
Source: Cosmopolitan

Yes, you must be wondering what happened and why did it happen. So let me tell you how a song written in 2006, revives in 2019 to change the life of an Emmy nomination!!!! Surprised?? Well this is just the beginning my dear fellow-mates!

Alfie Allen is holding out quiet fine after the star drama series Games of Thrones inevitably came to an end.  The English actor continued his star performance acting and recently wrapped up a record-breaking TV show. However things were not the same, few years back.

Life is supposed to be roller-coaster, and going down is just as important as rising up. However, ones you go up people often forget about the time you spend down, on the ground. Looks like Lily Allen won’t let people forget about the stoned jobless era of Alfie Allen.

The song, once again gained popularity: Know why??

Lily Allen, wrote a song in the year 2006 in which she openly talk about his then jobless brother. Criticizing him for his laziness while encouraging him to find a job. The song is literally named after the Emmy nominated Alfie Allen and has once again gone viral!

Alfie Allen's jobless years review song, gone viral

Lily once has a stoner brother
Source: Daily Mail

However, as only the first name is used in the song many people were unaware about the connection. As the song received more and more views and tweets the whole story came out. And it looks like no one is unaware now!!

Well the artist is bound to be mad at her sister, but according to me the pop-star did a great job. If you still haven’t heard the song then we have it here for you!!

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