Amazon Blink XT2: a new security camera runs on AA lithium batteries

Amazon’s new security camera, Blink XT2 runs on AA lithium batteries

Amazon announces a security camera under the brand name Amazon Blink XT2. Amazon acquired the firm, Blink in 2017. This was so as to update the smart home devices. This outdoor security model is a better upgrade of the previous Amazon Blink XT.

Amazon’s new security camera, Amazon Blink XT2 runs on AA lithium batteries

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Amazon Blink XT2: Battery life is extended

Amazon Blink XT2, has a 1080p video recorder, a night vision, two-way audio and weather resistance. The main upgrade of the new device is its battery. It can sustain 2 years of battery backup with a pair of AA lithium battery.

It does have the motion detector to minimize false alerts. As sometimes, shouting at strangers is better to let them go from there. The new age technology by Amazon is the key difference from other security firms.

Amazon  is in partner with “Immedia”, a high-end energy efficient processor. They together have taken the charge to make processors that are energy efficient.

Alexa integration is great

Making the battery life more efficient subsequently, can change the adaptation of smart-home device. For now, the processor is exclusive to Blink only. The Amazon Blink XT2 offers Alexa integration. Amazon won’t charge anything for storage fee.

Above all, a live feed from the camera can also be seen from Echo Spot and Fire TV. Also, subsidizing the storage cost it gives free monthly cloud sync.

Amazon’s new security camera, Amazon Blink XT2 runs on AA lithium batteries



For now, the camera costs around $ 90. If you are willing to order a bundle of cameras, Amazon has a pack of $99.99 which includes the camera and a sync module. This sync module is necessary to connect all the cameras together. Amazon will officially launch the camera in the US by May 22. In Canada, the camera will be available late this summer.

Just like Google Nest, Amazon is competing to make home devices smarter. Blink along with Amazon is a great response to make Alexa enabled devices feasible. To sum up,the home security camera has an Alexa integrated which released in 2017. Meanwhile, it’s available at a price of $119.99.

Update: Amazon with respect to the battery, “if the customers use camera particularly for video recording, they will get more of usage time. That is to say, the time would extend over 2 years of period”.

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