Amazon Game Studios cutting down it’s gaming efforts, revises development cycles

AGS(amazon game studios) is a division of the online retailing company Amazon, which focuses on the development of video games.

According to a new report, Amazon has also cancelled the development of certain unannounced games in a bid to finetune its gaming efforts.

Kotaku(a gaming company) stated that the company has laid off “dozens” of developers from the Amazon Game Studios. Amazon also cancelled some unannounced, in-development-phase games.the company has laid off “dozens” of developers from the Amazon Game Studios.The Amazon spokesperson who spoke to Kotaku claimed that the move is a result of “reorganising some teams” in order to prioritise on hyped-up game titles such as New World and Crucible.

AGS orange county worked upon Breakaway which is also reportedly cancelled. It was a team-based game in which two teams of four deliver the ball to the opponent’s goal. The source also stated that there are a number of new games in development. Most likely Amazon will reveal game related info in the near future. Most likely Amazon is shifting towards starting its own game streaming service.

Amazon released the following statement :

We’re working closely with all employees affected by these changes to assist them in finding new roles within Amazon.

Amazon invests in AGS heavily. Amazon game studios have not seen an expansion compared to Google as most likely they still are not into game development whole-heartedly. Its cut-down of its developer team is a likely result of it focusing on its own game streaming service. Amazon already excels in Amazon’s Web Services and Fire divisions.

Games by Amazon

AGS developed some good games which are,

  1. Air Patriots
  2. Lucky’s escape
  3. Sev zero
  4. The Grand Tour game.

Amazon’s over-the-top content excels over others. Still, Amazon needs to step up its game division too. The company will likely look out for how its first titles fare among gamers. It is trying to establish itself in the gaming community by ‘new fare titles’ rather than big announcements. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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