Amazon home security system Ring gets an app by Walmart for delivery boys to access your homes

Amazon home security system Ring gets an app by Walmart for delivery boys to access your homes

This winter, Walmart will launch a new service called Ring that lets the delivery guy unlock the home with an app. But is it safe for people?

From entering the house to restocking the refrigerator with food, all the actions of the delivery guy will be monitored by a live cam on their chest. The new electronic “smart home” guarantee security and convenience to the customers.

Details about the new electronic smart home

Now controlling the temperature of their home from their workplace is just one tap away. Moreover, this new service by Walmart sounds interesting. But before you dive into the world of new technology, let’s take a break for a moment.

You should first consider the potential errors in the systems before jumping into the Brave New World of smart homes. A new residential surveillance camera called Ring is owned by Amazon. Numerous companies are looking forward to installing these cameras around and within the client’s house.

A new program named Neighbors has been linked with Ring of Walmart which has formed a “neighborhood watch” social network. This new collaboration will help the customers to keep an eye on strange cars, identifying package thieves and help to find lost pets.

In the last 2 years, around 50 police departments have collaborated with Ring that is offering smart-camera systems at discounted rates to the people. Police have said that it will help them to access the footage which is shot from the doorstep of the resident’s homes.

Flaws of the new electronic system

It is good to keep an eye on the neighborhood, but there are also a few flaws for the police. Moreover, residents will have to cooperate with the police who have partnered with the Ring.

However, not only law enforcement but Amazon also keep a record of security footage via Alexa and with the help of Siri.

Apart from that, the homeowner’s private activities can become a threat to them if hackers breach the entire system. By spying on their leaving and returning timings, it could increase the chances of robbery.

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