Amazon Originals The Boys: Meet the cast

Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

No doubt, Amazon is emerging as one of the most amazing streaming giants. Their next original, The Boys is already the talk of the town as they have renewed the series for the second season before the premiere of the series. Amazon is quite confident that the series will surely win the hearts of the audience.

The plot

The Boys is based on a famous comic book. This book explores the unseen side of the Marvel Universe. In this series, The Seven, superheroes are worshipped by the people. And their fan following has swept all their evil deeds under the rugs. Thus, The Boys are deployed to take them down. And, they travel the world to take revenge from the wicked supes.

Meet the cast of The Boys

1. Billy Butcher
Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

Karl Urban As Billy Butcher (Source: Bleeding Cool)

Karl Urban will play the character of Billy Butcher in the series. He does not need an introduction for sure. Be it, Lord of the Rings or Star Trek, he has given a commendable performance in both of the series. Billy Butcher is a member of The Boys. He spends most of the time traveling the world and taking avenge from superheroes.

2. Hughie Campbell
Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell (Source: Everyeye Serie TV)

Jack Quaid is playing Hughie Campbell in the series. He made his debut with The Hunger Games. Hughie was not a superhero but the incident that took place in front of his eyes made him join The Boys. He joins Billy after A-Train kills his girlfriend.

3. Hughie’s Dad
Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

Simon Pegg as Hughie’s Dad (Source: IGN Deutschland)

Simon Pegg will play another important character in the series. He will play Hughie’s dad. He is always worried about Hughie as he is distressed because of his girlfriend’s untimely death.

4. The Deep

Chace Crawford as The Deep (Source: TV Guide)

Chace Crawford will be seen as The Deep. He is a part of the evil supes, The Seven.

5. Queen Maeve

Dominique McElligot as Queen Maeve (Source: Collider)

Dominique McElligot will play the most powerful woman, Queen Maeve in the series. She is as practical and evil as The Boys.

6. Homelander
Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

Anthony Starr as Homelander (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Anthony Starr is a name who fits the best in patriotic roles. The people worship him and think of him as a good American guy. He portrays a good image in front of The Seven too. But, he also has some hidden secrets.

7. A-Train
Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

Jessie T. Usher as A-Train (Source: Variety)

A-Train is played by Jessie T. Usher. He can travel at extremely fast speeds. He is the one who kills Hughie’s girlfriend.

8. Starlight
Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

Erin Moriarty as Starlight (Source: YouTube)

Erin Moriarty who played a victim in Jessica Jones is now a supergirl. She is the new addition to The Seven. She seems startled by their tricks.

9. Madelyn Stillwell

Elizabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell (Source: The Boys Wiki Fandom)

The new, Elisabeth Shue will play Madelyn. She will monitor the activities of supes of The Seven. As she is the senior VP at the Vought, superhero management company.

10. The Female
Amazon Originals, The Boys: Meet the cast

Karen Fukuhara as The Female (Source: YouTube)

Karen Fukuhara gave an exceptional performance in the superhero movie Suicide Squad. She has now moved to the best superhero digital series. Karen will play the character of The Female. She is the brutal member of The Boys.

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