Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Which is a better streaming platform?

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Which is a better streaming platform?

Amazon Prime or Netflix- Which is better? This question always arises our mind when we are forced to choose one out of the two. However, Netflix is the original streaming service. But, there are more choices now available. One of them is Amazon Prime which gives Netflix a tough competition.

But to choose one out of these two streaming platforms, we need to dig research on both of them. Here are various pointers to differ between the two.

1. Video Quality and Resolution

The streaming platform Netflix gives you three options when it comes to video quality and you can choose any of them. But, obviously, with these options, the price goes higher too.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Which is a better streaming platform?

  • Basic- HD (480p max)
  • Standard- Full HD (1080 p max)
  • Premium- UHD (4K max)

On the other hand, Amazon Prime provides you with the highest quality available of the video content you are watching with your Annual Subscription Plan.

You can also enjoy HDR support and Dolby Atmos audio quality with both the services. But, in Netflix, only Premium version comes with this support.

2. Number of streams

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime have set a certain limit to the number of streams. This prevents you from sharing your subscription with your friends and family. But, here too, Netflix has divided the number of streams in tiers. Thus, the more you pay, the more you can share it with people.

  • Basic- One stream
  • Standard- Two streams
  • Premium- Three streams

But, Amazon Prime does not offer any such tiers. In your package, you can share your stream up to three devices. Also, the same content cannot be streamed more than twice. However, Netflix Premium does not bind you with any such conditions.

3. Content

Being a streaming platform, which makes the most significant difference is the type of content they offer. If you are a film lover, you might like Amazon Prime more as it has a wider range of films. But, most of them are B-graded, which you might not like to watch. On the other hand, Netflix offers a selected range of films but, they are worth watching.

Talking about television series, Netflix offers more content in terms of both quality and quantity. But, Amazon too has some great original shows which include Marvelous Mrs Maisel, and The Man in the High Castle.

But, the choice in terms of content definitely goes to Netflix.

4. Additional benefits of having Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Which is a better streaming platform?

The streaming giant, Amazon Prime offers you various additional benefits of taking the subscription. These include the free music app Amazon Prime Music and online library Kindle which offers a great range of e-books.

Talking about Netflix, you don’t get any other perks on buying any of the tiers’ subscription.

5. Price

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix: Which is a better streaming platform?

The three tiers of Netflix cost as under:

  • Basic- $9 per month
  • Standard- $13 per month
  • Premium-  $16 per month

The Amazon Prime subscription costs $13 per month. And, you get an additional discount if you go for an annual subscription which costs $120.

Thus, if you want to go for the cheapest option, you can opt for the Netflix Basic package.


So, after considering all these pointers, what conclusion do we get? This means if you want to utilize most out of your bucks, you should definitely go for Amazon Prime.

But, in our opinion, you should opt a Netflix Basic plan and Amazon Prime too. This way you can enjoy the incredible content of Netflix and get the additional perks of Prime too.

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