AMC Theatres offering Drinks, Popcorn and Movie Tickets at $4 for Kids


Budget is always a concern while going for movies but AMC theatres have a taken this into account. If you are in search of a place where kids can have a fun day all together in summer then here is a great deal. AMC theatres are now offering $4 combo so that the kids can kill their time during the summer vacation.

The altogether price of the admission of the kid, a ticket for a movie, a drink and popcorn is $4 which also includes tax in it.  This special offer is for kids throughout the summers on Wednesday exclusively.

AMC Theatres’ Summer Movie Camp

This promotion is known as the Summer Movie Camp and there will be participation locations all over the world. Some of the movies which are to be shown are Trolls, The Lego Movie 2, The Hidden World, How to Train Your Dragon. This is just not all, there are many in the list.

AMC Theatres Offering Drinks, Popcorn and Movie Tickets at $4 for Kids

AMC Theatres Offering Drinks, Popcorn and Movie Tickets at $4 for Kids
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You can save a huge amount with the announcement of the discount on Tuesday. This policy is for the 5th of June to the 14th of August of this year. The members of AMC can get tickets at a slashed price in advance. The members can also receive a reward of $5.

What’s more, the older people who are young at heart can also enjoy these movies. This is also with the offer because the kids will have to be accompanied by a chaperone. However. this is only for kids who are under 12 years of age.

People’s reaction

The special offers have led the people to buzz like crazy. The kids are quite excited about the vacations as that would be merely fun for them. This is the offer that is solely for the kids to be able to enjoy summers.

AMC Theatres Offering Drinks, Popcorn and Movie Tickets at $4 for Kids

Offers for the kids
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They will have all these at a cheap rate. The movies would definitely be kid-friendly. Many people are looking up to avail all these facilities at a cheaper rate.

Taking kids out and getting them to enjoy is something that is costly. But here parents can freshen the mood of their kid at a very low cost with the offer by AMC Theatres.

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