AMD Ryzen 9 is thinnest with 12 core and even at $499

AMD Ryzen 9 is thinnest with 12 core and even at $499

AMD Ryzen 9, the first thinnest 7-nanometer chip is ready for launch. The third generation chip introduced by the company’s CEO Lisa Su. However, the new chip is 12 – core / 24 – thread at a price of 499 US dollars. The Ryzen 9 3900 X is all set to make competition against the Intel’s 12 – core i9 processor. Unfortunately, the Intel processor is sold at a higher price of 1189 US dollars. Thus, the Ryzen believes in broader philosophy and chase against Intel with price, efficiency and performance.

AMD Ryzen 9 is thinnest with 12 core and even at $499

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On the other hand, the new chip is designed to offer almost 15 per cent more efficiency on all devices. As the chip’s thermal design power is built with 105 W whereas the Intel is less efficient with 165 W. Moreover, company’s CEO also said – the chip’s floating point performance and the cache is doubled from its predecessors. However, with a base/boost speed of 3.68/4.6 GHz and a total cache collection of 70 MB.

AMD Ryzen 9 is faster than Intel’s 9900K

The Blender rendering is also increased with an optimum of 16 per cent along the Intel’s. However, the Intel’s current fastest chip is i9 – 9900K, so, to take over it AMD also is ready with another. The Ryzen 7 3800X with 8 core and 16 thread with 3.9GHz is just with an honest price of 399 US dollars.

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Another, entry from AMD family Ryzen 7 3700X is available at 329 US dollars. Its extra cool features make it stay with just 65W of TDP. AMD also confirms that the 3700X is almost 15 per cent faster than its 2700X single thread.

AMD Ryzen 9 is thinnest with 12 core and even at $499

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In addition, the AMD family also introduces the Ryzen 5 3600 which is priced at 199 US dollars. Moreover, with an extra 50 dollars, users can get 3600X with higher TDP of 95W along with 100MHz of clock speed. The new Ryzen will come to the market with PCIe 4.0, which means faster storage speed than its predecessors PCIe 3.0.

However, these chips are extremely powerful and AMD is no way to compromise with its rival Intel. Thus, the upcoming graphics with high-end features is a standard choice. The new Ryzen 9 chips will be available from July 7. Check out The Geek Herald for more.

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