American Crime Story to showcase the real side of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky story

American Crime Story to showcase the real side of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky story
Monica Lewinsky serves as producer in the American Crime Story Season 3. Source: Time Magazine

After taking 18 months of break, American Crime Story is returning for a third season on the FX Network. According to the reports, the new season will tackle the story of Bill Clinton who denied having any sexual affairs with Monica Lewinsky, an intern at White House.

Monica Lewinsky serve as producer for the Impeachment

The upcoming season of American Crime Story will premiere on September 27, 2020. The past two seasons have proved to be a successful experiment. Besides, the series stars some of the known actors and personalities on TV. The show features some of the most high-profile cases in the entirety of modern America.

Moreover, the series’ popularity skyrocketed after the first season premiered. On August 6, FX revealed that the third season of American Crime Story would focus on the 1998 impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton that almost got him down from his presidency.

The upcoming season will reveal details about the national scandal and how Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, and Paula Jones became the important figures in America’s first impeachment proceedings. Moreover, Monica will be serving as the producer of the third season.

Cast and crew of Impeachment: American Crime Story

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising actor Beanie Feldstein will be portraying the role of 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky who is an intern at White House. Furthermore, Annaleigh Ashford who is popular for portraying a role in Love on the Run will play as Paula Jones.

American Crime Story to showcase the real side of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky story

Beanie Feldstein to play Monica Lewinsky in Impeachment: American Crime Story.
Source: People

Plus, Sarah Paulson from popular Bird Box film will play the role of Linda Tripp. Sarah Burgess serves as the executive producer as well as the writer of the show.

Why did Monica Lewinsky agree to be a part of Impeachment: American Crime Story?

Recently, Monica Lewinsky revealed the reasons for agreeing to produce the third season of American Crime Story. In the start, she felt scared to sign the contract. Later on, after meeting Ryan Murphy she understood how dedicated he was to this season. Furthermore, she continued that she feels privileged to work with him and other talented crew.

Furthermore, she said that for the past few decades, numerous individuals were telling her narrative by their point of view. After 20 years, Monica has reclaimed this opportunity to produce the series to show that individuals like her can raise their voice in the conversation.

Also, it is the first time in 20 years, she came out in open to participate in this series.

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