Andre Iguodala of Warriors traded off to Memphis Grizzlies

Andre Iguodala out from "Warriors"?

The legendary “Golden State Warriors” are trading Andre Iguodala to another legendary club “Grizzlies”. Warriors seem to take this dump very lightly. However, this can be their strategy to make space for the MVP “D’Angelo Russel”.

Andre Iguodala of Warriors traded off to Memphis Grizzlies

Warriors in trouble?

The Warriors performed like legends past 5 years in NBA. They bagged three basketball championships and also reached the NBA finals twice. They have dominated the NBA, unlike any other team. However, their position is in trouble now. After Klay Thompsons, injury and Kevin Durant’s decision of leaving “Warriors” are finding consolements for them.

It is “Warriors” strategy to introduce new talents in the team. Just like “D’Angelo Russel” is set to replace Steph in the coming season. This is due to ageing factors and also the old players are getting more and more expensive. Thus Warrior’s roaster needs new and fresh talent. The replacement is questionable enough through the time. But the Warriors had to cross that difficult road when they get to it.

Through these trade deals “Andre Iguodala” paid the price. Warriors dumped him to “Grizzlies” thinking they’ll make some space for other “Star” players. Iguodala’s work in Warriors was done, he was already nearing to his retirement age. We support the decision of Warriors as it more of a “Business-level” decision rather than “Gameplaying” decision.

Iguodala’s age was affecting the team, also Warriors got a blank space to fill with young talent. Also by trading Andre Iguodala, they got enough money to take new “All-Star” players.

Warriors also traded Shabazz Napier and Treveon Graham. They both were dumped by Warriors. Reportedly they went to The “Wolves”. If Russell helps Warriors win in the long run, then they won’t mind if they miss out NBA finals for this year alone. They very closely lost one of the most respected and best players in the league already and got nothing in return.

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