Android Q Looks Amazing in this Early’s Demo!

Android Q Looks Amazing In This Early's Demo!
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In fact, there are certain Android Q versions of an operating system featuring desktop mode. Notably, as seen were only a few basic operations of this native launcher. Presently, there is a cool video coming from developer Daniel Blandford.

You can now see the Android native desktop mode in a realistic view. Lastly, we already knew Android Q is going to be the first version of an operating system featuring a native desktop mode. Moreover, Samsung has already done its own with its DeX platform.

Android Q Looks Amazing In This Early's Demo!

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Do you know the stability of Android Q Beta 3?

In fact, a new developer preview had been released a Google I/O. Google revealed the Q version of Android for 23 smartphones covering 12 OEMs. Therefore, Blandford is utilizing important Phone Flash within the Beta version of Android Q. The important phone is wire to a portable monitor that emerge o be Bluetooth keyboard.

Therefore, Blandford made his full efforts to utilize an experiment and develop better products. In layman terms, launcher on phone customizes to make desktop interference. Unfortunately, one should know to tweak own launcher. Presently, now just take advantage of Android Q’s desktop mode now. Below you can now find native desktop mode appearance when using standard launcher of  Q. This is an example of how native desktop mode looks like.

Android Q features you’ll love: Higher-quality audio and video from Android

Additionally, when comparing to the Blandford Layout there is much layout one can do with the desktop version. You can also now add shortcuts and launch applications with the desktop version. Therefore, Blandford’s testing has made a great glimpse of the future plan of Android. Thus, it is possible for the idea of owning a laptop. We connect our mobile phones to sell laptop and get your work done.

You can see a cool video from the developer the Android Q Desktop version. Check out The Geek Herald for more updates.

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