Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy are coming together for Venom 2

Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy coming together for Venom 2!

Venom by Sony grossed over 850 Million dollars worldwide and marked history in spinoff cinema. The sequel was announced just after the release of the first part.

Venom was a big hit, however, it received mixed reviews from critics. Still, fans loved the movie as it showed what Venom is actually supposed to be, nasty! Due to Sony-Disney deal, Spiderman couldn’t be included in the movie, however, there were still fan favourite characters straight from comics.

Venom 2 details

Also, Venom marked the first-ever on-screen encounter of the biggest spiderman villains, Eddie Brock and Cletus Cassidy. Also, there is a cringing scene at the end of the movie in which Woody Harrelson who portrays Cletus a.k.a Carnage speaks to Eddie Brock that “There will be Carnage”.

Andy Serkis in Marvel Universe

This leaves us with multiple possibilities as to what we can see in Venom 2. All that comes to Andy Serkis, who also portrayed Ulysses Klaue who was a side villain in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther.

However, even after his death, it is speculated that he will be back for Black Panthers sequel to reprise his role. Team Geek has already framed a story which could potentially be used for Black Panther 2.

Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy coming together for Venom 2!

Some forces from Atlantis comes and resurrects Ulysses as he had known connections with both Ultron, Wakanda and Killmonger. Later, Ulysses comes to know regarding the death of Killmonger and instigates Namor to attack Wakanda.

A huge fight takes place between Atlantis and Wakanda and Ulysses actually gets the herb (which comes back due to snap by Tony Stark). And thus he resurrects Killmonger and runs. Setting up another sequel for Black Panther and influencing other Disney+ shows.

Andy Serkis officially revealed the news today, that he has been given the responsibility of handling the sequel to Venom. Moreover, the sequel can explore the possibilities of different symbiotes present in the Sony Universe. Also, it is possible that Eddie Brock later joins the Marvel Universe somehow.

The release date and plot details of Venom 2 are still a long journey for Tom and Marvel fans.

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