Angelina Jolie paranoid about employees spreading her secrets?


Nobody likes untrustworthy people in their lives and so does Angelina Jolie. a tabloid recently gave a report on the matter. Let’s look into it.

Jolie’s employees sworn to secrecy?

A source claims that Jolie has complete control over her home. The insider said,

Everyone who works for Angie has to sign a watertight nondisclosure agreement.

Well, if that was the case, then this source itself is breaking all the rules it was supposed to follow. The tabloids have been after Jolie for a long time now. They have also started manufacturing their own stories about the actress,

Devoted Parent or Dictator?

The source is trying to make Angelina sound paranoid and ridiculous. But isn’t this a reasonable thing to do. Who would like to keep untrustworthy employees in their homes anyway! If Jolie is kicking out those whom she can’t trust, then it is only for the good of her children.

Further, it was also claimed that Jolie told Brad Pitt to keep his phone aside when they were discussing their kids. Well, it is only common courtesy to do so. Isn’t it? How can the tabloids make Jolie’s need for undivided attention sound unreasonable.

Who is behind all these secret leaks?

The hypocrite source claims,

Angie says she’s been burned too many times by so-called friends… who sold her out and blabbed her business around town.

The source itself seems to be unworthy of trust. This gives Jolie more reasons to be paranoid and place strict restrictions in her home.

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