Angelina Jolie Vs Gal Gadot: A-List Actresses Fight For The Role Of The Queen Of Nile, Cleopatra

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, allegedly, upset with Gal Gadot because she stole the role of Cleopatra. Apparently, Jolie felt like Gadot ruined her long awaited dream of playing the legendary Egyptian queen.

Feud Between Angelina Jolie And Gal Gadot?

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot had been tapped to play Cleopatra in an upcoming film directed by Patty Jenkins, who also helmed Wonder Woman. Reportedly, Jolie was bent way out of shape over this news. It was her dream to play the iconic role that Elizabeth Taylor had made famous.

Jolie has been attached to a Cleopatra movie for nearly 10 years now. And has spoken over the years about her desire to play the Egyptian ruler. All those years have now gone to waste. Now, Jolie knows just who to blame. It was going to be the part that would win Jolie an Academy Award for Best Actress. But well, that won’t be happening now, thanks to Gal.

Supposedly, Angelina feels she was born to play the Queen of the Nile. It was no secret that she’d been working on the script and meeting with top directors for the project for years. All that bitterness and resentment has allegedly found itself a target in Gadot.

Truth Behind The Bogus Story

It’s likely a huge disappointment to Jolie that her Cleopatra film never got its day in the sun, but it seems very unrealistic that she’d be furious with Gal Gadot of all people over it. Jolie has been trying to get her film off the ground for almost a decade now, and a lot has changed in Jolie’s life since she first confirmed she wanted to play the Queen of the Nile. Besides, there can be more than one Cleopatra movie, which means Jolie still has a shot at the iconic role.

Tabloids simply find ways to garner readership by creating false stories attached to unrelated news. It’s always better not to trust every word tabloids say.

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