Another Life Season 2: What to expect from the story?


After watching Another Life Season 1, the audience has a much to expect from season 2 as well. There were many clues left in the season 1 that hint at many events that might take place in the sequel. And, here’s all that might happen in Another Life Season 2.

The mysterious artifact

We saw a mysterious Artifact landing on the Earth, that led Commander Nick and his crew to leave the planet, traveling in Salvare. It was none other than, Achaia who sent it on Earth. Now, for those who don’t know about Achaia, it is a group of aliens.

Who is Achaia?

Another Life Season 2: What to expect from the story?

Achaia: The Aliens (Source: Decider)

Although, in the first few episodes, these aliens seemed to be potentially good. But, their true colors are revealed when Sasha, Salvare’s government representative gets an alien spider attached to his brain. And being in control of that alien, he attacks Javier, the computer engineer of the ship.

However, Sasha eventually dies in the end. But, he leaves with many of the mysterious questions answered. Also, the crew tries to re-start Javier’s brain to revive him from coma-state and they are successful.

Human-Achaia War

Another Life Season 2: What to expect from the story?

Another Life (Source: Netflix)

Javier’s return seems like a victory to humans. But, they are actually way far from the fast-developing Achaia. In the last moments, William’s programming looks like failing, which means that Achaia could again take-over his brain.

And, thus Achaia might turn powerful on him. And being an excellent programmer, this might turn out to be a big problem for Salvare. Therefore, this may turn into a Human-Achaia war in season 2.

Another Life Season 2: Achaia’s Mysterious Weapon

It is also expected that there might be a suspicious secret weapon in the ship. And, Achaia might use this weapon against Salvare. No doubt, this will become a great move against the Salvare.

Another Life Season 2: What to expect from the story?

Another Life Poster (Source: Netflix)

However, it’s not yet decided whether Another Life Season 2 will happen or not. But, we are getting to hear a lot of teases about the story from the makers and actors. So, keep watching this space to explore more hidden facts.

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