Antonio Banderas, Melanie Grifith Rumors: Banderas leaves girlfriend Kimpel to get back with ex-wife?


Last year, a source claimed that Antonio Banderas was considering to get rid of his girlfriend for his ex-wife, Melanie Grifith. A reputed source busted the claim when it came out.

Did Antonio want Melanie back in his life?

A source claimed that Antonio was still in love with Grifith. Antonio was unhappy in his relationship with Nicole Kimpel.

A close friend of Antonio was reported saying,

The older Antonio gets, the happier he is to just stay home and watch a movie. On the other hand, Nicole is always ready at the drop of the hat to fly off on some exciting adventure.

The so- called friend added Banderas’ feelings for his ex-wife is becoming more evident as he is approaching his golden years. The insider reported that the close friends of Grifith and Banderas believe that the two would end up spending their golden years together.

However, after checking these rumors with a close, reliable source, truth was revealed.

Antonio’s Relationship with Kimpel

These rumors started spreading about a year ago. As Antonio and Kimpel are still together, there is clearly no truth in the rumors. In 2019, Antonio suffered a heart attack and Kimpel was the one who brought him back to life. Antonio himself said that Kimpel saved him.

If he was really unhappy with her, Antonio wouldn’t have made such a comment.

Previous Claims

This source has spread several rumors about various actors in the past as well which turned out to be untrue. It falsely claimed that Ryan Seacrest was getting back with Julianne Hough. The same source also asserted that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were spending time together. However, none of these turned out to be true.

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