Apex Legends season 2: Spoilers, updates and much more!

Potential spoilers: Apex Legends season 2!

Apex Legends is currently has a huge player-base, all fans are eagerly waiting for season-2. Season-2 could bring various new surprises and may not bring anything at all. But, fan speculations are always there.

Apex Legends developers, Respawn Entertainment confirmed a new character to be introduced in the game, namely “Wattson”.

As speculated from the name “Wattson” before, it has something to do with electricity. Speculated right by the fans and confirmed by Respawn Entertainment that he can wield electric barriers and will be introduced in season-2.

Potential spoilers: Apex Legends season 2!

However, Wattson may not be the only new Legend that makes its debut in Season 2, as recent clues that have popped up point to a possible second playable hero added as well.

The new Legend is believed to be named Crypto, a character about whom nothing is really known about at this point except for his appearance.

Earlier this month, Reddit editor u/FrozenFroh shared theory to the Apex Legends subreddit about how the start of Season 2 might include a tease for Crypto, and that the character’s actions behind-the-scenes could have a huge impact on the game’s overall story.

Crypto is expected to be a computer hacker which uses his hacking skills to shut down repulsers on the island.

Potential spoilers: Apex Legends season 2!

Fan theories

This would result in The leviathans and The fliers to attack the island freely. Another speculation includes that there will be a new game mode where you have to defeat The Leviathans and Fliers or they could be included directly in the basic mode.

There’s also the presence of a “Beast Master” game master in the game’s files.


Thus many questions arise,

  • Will Season 2 involves players killing Leviathans and Flyers in regular matches?
  • Or will that just be part of a separate Apex Legends game mode?
  • What is the role of “Wattson”?
  • What powers “Crypto” holds?
  • How many more Champions are there?
  • What is the role of “Crypto”?
  • Our question will be answered soon. Apex Legends season 2 will release on 2nd July.

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