Apex Legends Season 6 Updates: New Features and Boosted Battle Pass


On 18 August, Respawn Games unveiled the sixth season of Apex Legends. It introduced exciting new features including a Boosted Battle Pass and heavy artillery Legend.

Fans already know that Rampart will be coming to Apex Legends. The ‘expert modder’ is known for her underground fights. She talks big and has the ballistics to back it up. Earlier this month, she made her initial peep. The followers must have noticed the huge gun that she was carrying.

Apart from all this, Ramya Parekh is best known for her weapon crafting abilities. This was a hint for Season 6’s new features. This would enable players to craft weapons. Rampart can also deal with huge amounts of damage as she is a turret based legend.

Rampart’s tactical ability will also feature Amped Cover. This will allow her to build a ‘crouch-over wall’ to block any incoming shots while amplifying outgoing shots. Her Modded Loader will increase her magazine capacity and help in quick reload.

Rampart’s ultimate ability is Emplaced Minigun.  She can place Shiela on the ground for anyone’s use. World’s Edge will be revamped with the release of 1.43 rolls out. The Countdown Facility will replace the Drill Site.

The train has been scattered and dismantled. This will give the players more loot opportunities and defensive positions. The Volt SMG, a new weapon, will also make its debut. This energy sub-machine gun has more accuracy and fires blue tracers. Its fire rate and time to kill is more accurate.

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